The Boston GlobeGetting in series

Boston Globe’s Getting in series won second place for Best Use of the Web, awarded by The National Press Photographers Association for 2011. Tough competition there: New York Times (1st place), The Detroit Free Press (3rd), USA Today (4th) and MediaStorm (5th).
From the judges: “The Best Use of the Web winner is chosen among the winners in each of the other categories. Sites are not entered into the Best Use of the Web competition directly. The winner will demonstrate a mastery of photographic and visual storytelling in an online environment. Content, interface design, navigation, and interactivity will all be evaluated to find the site that best furthers the evolution of web-based visual journalism.”

December 2011

Series features charts and videos, allowing users to compare and contrast amenities and performance benchmarks among the Boston schools, or by tracing the daily morning commute for the 19 school-age children living on Montvale Street.